Why KNM Parts?

I'm Mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it any more!

Are you ready for an end to dishonest or "Lazy" dealers? We were!
After finding our first Mini Buggy, we fell in love with the whole idea of our family having fun outdoors in a safer OHV . This brought out the "Kid IN me" and brought the "Kids AND me" closer together!

And then it started!
Shortly after our first break down, we were faced with the "Other" reality of our new buggy,
where to get parts and service? The dealer wasn't an option due to their extreme lack of knowledge of the very buggy they sold us!
After trying the usual channels (Internet searches), we found that there really wasn't anyone around that could tell us about the buggy we now owned, including the direct importers!
Having nowhere else to turn, we started taking it apart ourselves and learning how things worked.

Kid "N" me Garage is born

One day while Tom & Ryan were in the garage working on the CVT of their 250 buggy, Mom was practicing with a new video camera. After seeing that video clip later, the wheels started turning!
Father & Son, in the garage, bonding and learning together. Another benefit not first discovered!
Now, not only did we have a passion for this new sport but we also developed a passion to get other father and son's together AND, help them avoid some of the mistakes we had already encountered. We started posting our "How-To" videos on YouTube and various forums to spread the word.

A KidNme "Rally" Starts the "Dream"

Our videos were getting popular so we wanted to see how many people we could get together in our area that shared the passion as we did and if the turnout was good, maybe make an "Annual" thing of it.
We hooked up with a gracious property owner in central PA and had a 3 day rally in the wilderness! This started our conversations towards securing the future of this new sport.
The consensus was, we needed to form a group that could improve the information available.
The biggest hurdle was, we all had day jobs and not a lot of free time. The only way this was going to work is if one of us does this full time.

Enter KidNme Motorsports.
Having a profitable business already, we first thought we could juggle both businesses.
Since most of the places we were dealing with in the "Buggy world" were sneaky and underhanded, after our 1st year, we realized that to keep up with it all and to REALLY make a difference, we had to jump in with both feet.
We decided to do just that!
We closed our previous company we had run for 6 years and opened our new shop full time, selling & servicing buggies, ATV's and dirt bikes.

What the heck, are you kidding me??
Running a new business was hard enough without being ripped off at the corporate level!
Same crap, different crapper!
Distributors, vendors etc were all out to make a "substantial buck" off of our new "Mom & Pop" and would try to sell us the cheapest items for top dollar pricing! We pleaded to the top manufacturers in the business to take some of our ideas and put them into practice. Parts supplies were slow or non existent, we were getting parts that didn't fit the machines they were advertised for and no one seemed to stand behind what they were selling us let alone, tell us what it will do for us realistically. Now we understood WHY so many dealers were clueless! (No excuse though IMO)

KNM Performance because, no one else cares enough to do it right!
When we realized we were getting Scooter parts that were being advertised as "Buggy parts or 2 stoke parts advertised for a 4 stroke, that was the last straw!
Since we had done some unique mods right here in our own shop, it wasn't hard to find a factory interested in some of our design ideas. (Funny now how the buggy mfg's & parts distributors didn't give us the time of day!)
After several rallies and discussions, we went full time into the research and design of our own performance parts, if nothing else but to have parts we know will work and do what we want them to!
We take a part or procedure and modify it to suit our needs. We then come out with a whole new product that not only works but is also less expensive than many others! Someone should have been doing this years ago! Quality "Bolt-On" parts that work as advertised by a dealer who knows how they work!

How could we forget Scooters?
The engines in our buggies were first made for a scooter! The GY6 150, CN and CF250 are all scooter motors and are interchangeable throughout different platforms.
Since there are some minor differences in setups, we bought a 150cc scooter to start the Scoot craze here at KNM! We're doing the same things we do with our buggy & ATV! Our parts fit and work much the same no matter what you put them in! Just change your roller weights accordingly.

So, we ride,we care and we do it right!

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