Upgrading your Buggy

KidNme Parts Store

Time to upgrade? Most of us end up doing it Now, so can you!
We'll explain all the common upgrades that don't break the bank!

We design parts and mods with a balance of performance and value.
Take a look below at what most folks do to their buggies and other Chinese imports!

  • Videos, Tips & Tricks

  • Where's my Air box?
    Keep that Filter Clean!

    Redneck Intake Install
    Want some cheap HP?
    The Redneck Intake is the way to go!
    1 of 2 things we suggest as a 1st mod!


    1 person Clutch and Springs install
    Ever wonder how you were going to
    get the clutch apart? How about change the springs? This is the video you need.

    250cc Shorty Clutch kit explained
    Want to get more takeoff torque?
    This new "Shorty" Clutch will do it!
    Light weight and super torque!

    CDI/Coil Combo Install
    We show you how to remove your old coil and CDI and install our Digital, adjustable CDI/Coil combo! Great increase in power and about 6 more miles per gallon

    Here is a quick tutorial on Upgrading your Variator, rear pulley, Main spring and clutch on a 150cc ATV. This procedure is exactly the same on a 150 buggy, Scooter or ATV!

  • File: Stage 1 Upgrade kit for 150 and 250cc Setup procedures PDF.
    Just purchased our Stage 1 kit?
    A hot coil, Iridium plug, Fresh air intake and a rejet is a great, simple way to get more HP on the cheap! Download this file and we'll walk you through installing it all!
  • .10 Minute Re-Jet
    We'll show you the Quick way to rejet after the Redneck intake upgrade if you didn't guess right the 1st time

  • Variator/Slider Install
    We show you how to take out your old rollers and install Slider weights!

    DR2 150cc Variator Kit
    2 different angled ramps and
    2 different weight rollers means
    you can keep your top end
    and get more low end torque too!

    CN & CF250cc Vented Variator
      learn how our vented Variator Kits work and why they're better than all the rest!

    Test run with our Shorty clutch kit and our DR2 variator kit in our 150cc ATV. We played around with spring and roller setups using these parts and got different results. Plenty of variations for your needs.
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