Our Mission

 The MBRA is a Non-Profit organization of enthusiasts across the U.S. .
We promote the safer sport of Mini-Buggy riding and competition.

Our main goal is to provide family friendly direction and information
towards growing the sport of Mini-Buggy riding and promote responsibility and safety of family
off road activities in general.

We teach clubs and individuals how to:
  • Promote responsible outdoor rallies,
  • We instruct one on one on ethics and safety when riding, to improve both the image and the opportunities of Buggies and their riders everywhere.
  • We'll show you what to look for when buying
  • We offer our support to these ends, wherever / whenever we can.

The better educated the public is about these vehicles, the better they will be perceived and the quicker these machines will find their way into the hearts of more and more people.

The MBRA and its staff promises to always present itself and its guidelines in a Positive manner with, honesty, integrity, respect, compassion & empathy and we hope our members follow our lead to a better, brighter tomorrow.

The MBRA Team

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