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These manuals & guides are provided by various sources such as, the manufacturer, members and various other sources on the Internet. Original source credit is given when known.

Troubleshooting / Maintenance Guides

Checking your Stator process tree
Charging System Diagnostics
Reading your Plug
What spark plug numbers mean
150cc Electric Schematic

5 Wire Key switch pin outs:
the 5 wire Key switch:

green: negative;
red: positive;
black:positive,when you turn on,connecting with red wire;
black/white :from cdi, to shut off the engine;
yellow/red:to solenoid, for start


GY6 150cc Troubleshoot


Rejetting Basics

Carb Adjustments

Stage 1 upgrade kit procedures
(Coil, UNI/K&N, Rejet)


Most are in .PDF format.
If you don't find the exact manual you're looking for, another model may have similar configurations. Most of these Chinese engines are the same ones, just different chassis, be it scooter, buggy or ATV.

Ace Maxxum 150cc Service manual

Baja Dune 150 Parts Manual
Baja Reaction 150 Parts Manual

Baja 150 Vin prefix L4VM Owners

Baja 150 Vin Prefix L6K

Baja 250cc Owners Manual

Carter Talon 150 Users Manual
Carter 150 Service Manual

Carter GTR 250 Service Manual
Carter GTR 250-300 parts Manual
Carter GTR 250 (Diff) Service Manual
Carter GTR 250 (Live axle) Service Manual

CFMoto 250cc manual
CFMoto 172mm Motor exploded views
CN250 Reverse Exploded view

Coolster 250GK 6250 Manual

Crossfire 150cc Owners Manual
Crossfire 150cc Punisher Part Numbers
Crossfire 150R Parts & Engine Parts

Hammerhead ES150IIR 2005 Owners/Parts
Hammerhead LM150IIR 2005 Owners/parts
Hammerhead UM250IIR Owners/Parts Manual

Joyner Dirt Devil 250 Owners/Parts
Joyner Viper 250SZ Owners/Parts

Kinroad 150 Electrical Schematic
Kinroad GK70-90 Parts (Newer models)
Kinroad GK70-90 Parts (Older models)
Kinroad 110GK Parts (Newer models)
Kinroad 110GK Parts (older models)

Kinroad XT150 Owners
Kinroad XT150-2 Owners
Kinroad XT150-2 Parts
QMJ157 150cc GK-6, 8, 10
Kinroad XT150GK-7 Parts
Kinroad XT150GK-8 Parts
Kinroad XT150GK-9 Parts
Kinroad 250cc Sahara Owners
Kinroad XT250GK-6 Raptor Parts
Kinroad XT250GK-7 Parts
Kinroad XT250GK-8 Parts
Kinroad XT250GK-9 Parts

Kinroad XT300 Parts

Manco Helix 6150 Owners

Manco Helix 6150 Parts

Roketa 150cc GK01 Owners
Roketa GK06 Owners
Roketa MC07 Owners (150cc Scooter)
Roketa GK13 Owners

Sun-L GK-250 2A Parts

Xingyue Sportsbuggy XTKD260-1 Repair
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