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KidNme and Friends Video Vault

Another Video just for the sheer fun of it!
As this video shows, we're not afraid to poke a little fun at ourselves at KNM.
This KidNme "Remix" will have your head bobbin and we hope it puts a smile on your face too!

KidNme Bloopers
We really enjoy making our infomercials but it's not as easy as it looks!
Here's a few of our favorite clips that never made it to print. (Until now) Enjoy!

KidNme had just designed a few Prototype Performance Parts and was looking for some "testers" so we brought a few dozen new parts with us and headed up to the Kruse Kompund to tear up some turf with a few East Coast members for a weekend and get some real world stats on our new designs and of course, have a blast doing it!

ST Joe Park, Missouri
Beautiful park! Plenty of open sand and miles of forest trails! An off roader's dream!
Join us and about 80 other buggies on a 6 day rally in the summer of 2010.

Going Buggy Nuts with the NEBA group

KidNme is always spending their vacations somewhere in the country, at a rally of some sorts.
This year, we took a break to try something a little different!
Watch it in HD!!

Napoleon Flip
Napoleon Dynamite takes a spin in Tom's brand new Hammerhead 250 buggy.
OK, it's really Tom from KidNme at the end but it's funny anyhow!

Great Bend Mud Oval!
1st annual buggy fest in Great Bend, PA! It was SO muddy, we were only doing about 20mph full out but what a blast it was!

Kinroad 250 Buggy for Christmas!
KidNme helped a member build and store a secret new 250cc Kinroad buggy for his boys.
We did this video so they could surprise the boys on Xmas morning and give them a clue before heading out to their garage! This is why we love doing what we do!

The KidNme gang heads to the 2009 Buggy Expo in Indianapolis.
  The 2009 Dealer expo with KidNme, Hammerhead off road, MRP CFMoto and the 2Xtreme TV crew.

Rausch Creek Member Appreciation Rally weekend
The MBRA is working on a park in central PA and some of our MBRA members and the KidNme gang were there to lend a hand cutting trees and clearing land. We decided to invite them up during the national 4X4 Rock crawling competition weekend for a informal buggy ride and camp out!

N.E. Gang Ride at Tamaqua, PA
The Northeast gang headed up to Tamaqua for a buggy ride.
Of course, KidNme was there with their video Camera!

Paddy's Bluff Kentucky Buggy Bash!
Right after we went to this, we had such a great time, we hosted our own Rally in PA for the East Coast people who couldn't make this one! It's also the rally that started the seed of KidNme Performance!

A nice weekend in upstate PA and we found a Mud Hole, we just HAD to play in it!
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