Before you buy a Buggy

Shopping with Smarts!
Before you start looking for a dealer, you'll need to know a few things about buggy ownership you may not have thought of and the dealer may or may not tell you. Although this was written with a mini buggy in mind, the same principals apply to a Scooter purchase as well with the exception of a couple obvious differences.

You'll need a covered place to store your buggy.
  • These don't do well, sitting in the elements for any period of time, even under a tarp or overhang. You will need a Garage or shed. You don't need to keep it warm all winter but you do need to keep it out of the rain and snow for long periods. Plastics and paint colors will fade under bright sun and weather over time.

    You'll need either a full sized pickup truck or a small trailer to haul it.

    if you have a couple hundred acres to ride on around your home, you'll still want to travel to other spots for a change of scenery.

    Some buggies are too wide to fit in the back of a pickup so be sure to check the width of the model you're interested in so you know if you need to add the expense of a trailer (between $500-$1000 more.
    Inside width of most full sized pickup truck beds are - 60" (5')
    150 and 250 buggies are often between 58-62" wide at the front wheels. The front wheels usually are wider apart than the rear ones, depending on model. If you are going to haul it in the back of a pickup truck, you'll also need a set of ramps to get it in there.

    • Unless you have a handy dandy mechanic nearby and don't mind hauling it up to him every time you have a little problem, you WILL need a minimum of a Metric socket / wrench set and assorted screwdrivers, Pliers etc.You're going to have to learn how to maintain your buggy. It's pretty cheap and simple and the MBRA will help you through it, every step of the way!
No matter what sources you use for your retail purchase, your should know your product choices first.

Once you are comfortable with which brand you want, your 1st choice should always be the
"Brick & mortar" store nearest you, that can do service and get parts.
If you do not have one near you or they have a bad reputation etc, the next best option is to find one not too far away that can ship it to you (Click text to read our new buggy prep page to see what's involved in getting one shipped to your door) or maybe you can go to pick it up.
Some manufacturers may even send you a buggy or scooter from their U.S. warehouse usually somewhere in Texas. Their procedures seem to change every year so why not ask!

f there are no dealers near you and you can't find a trustworthy dealer/mfg to ship you one then your next choice is to buy on the Internet.
Caution when buying something unseen and from the internet for sure. The biggest problem is....telling the fakes from the real thing with just a picture and again, where will you get parts when you need them.
Stick to the name brands and check out the dealer thoroughly! If you are not normally an "Internet person", you'll need to become one for a short period until you can learn about any particular dealer that sells on the Internet.

Standard warranties on these are usually between 3-6 month parts, 1 yr engine (Check with your dealer for specifics). What this means in most cases is, for 6 months after you drive it out of the shop or have it delivered to your door, the selling dealer will replace "MFG defective" parts only. The amount of "Hoops" you'll have to go through is dependent on which dealer you buy from.

There are not a lot of parts that are actually covered as a consumer might expect.
Under many of these warranties understandably, these are subject to Abuse & "Accidents" therefore, any "Normal wear" items, are not covered. This includes, belts, CVT parts, Brake pads, tires, plastics, fenders, mirrors etc.

The GY6 150cc, CN and CF250 motors that are predominant in both the Chinese Scooter and Buggy are pretty strong and hardy and is why the warranties on them are usually longer. Check the specific warranties with your dealer before ordering. Ask about their warranty procedures, regardless of what they have written on their web site.
You'll get a good "read" on a dealer when he/she tells you about their warranty procedures!

It is important that you find any "Warranty issue" items within your dealers warranty period. Not just for the warranty period but also because, atv/buggy/scooter dealers come and go for all sorts of reasons. At some point, you could be completely on your own for repairs and parts supplies. Some of the best companies have gone under recently due to the economy so nothing is a guarantee except the fact that you now have a buggy/scooter/Atv that you have to find a place that will fix it!

This is why we stick to the main brands and buy a metric socket set. As long as you take care of your buggy or scooter, it should survive normal driving with a little "rough housing" thrown in, here and there.
These are fairly simple to work on with a modest assortment of standard tools and you can find quality parts at a decent price in most cases with just a little "savvy" Internet research.

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